The Life and Times of Oscar Wilde

I. Oscar Wilde's life.

Oscar Wilde was born on October 16, ______ in ____________. Both his parents, Sir William Wilde and Jane Francesca ____________, were writers in their own right. He had a brother, ____________, and a sister, ____________, who died at the age of nine.

He entered ____________ College in ______, then moved on to Oxford (____________ College) in ______. He finished his education in ______ and received a prize for his poem ____________. Between 1875 and 1877, he had toured ____________ and ____________, frequent educational trips at the time. However, Sir William died in ______, shortly before Henry.

In ______, Wilde published his first collection of poems. At the end of the year, he set off on a lecture tour of _________________, after which he spent three months in ____________. He then embarked on a new lecture tour of ____________ and ____________.

On May 29, ______, Oscar married ____________ Lloyd, who bore him two sons: ____________, born in ______ and ____________, born in ______.

From 1889 to 1896, Wilde was a wildly successful writer and journalist. His downfall, however, was quick and brutal.

In 1891, he had met Lord Alfred ____________, or ‘____________’ as his friends called him, third son of the Marquess of ____________. They became inseparable lovers and Alfred’s father heard of the affair. The none too sophisticated Marquess started slandering Wilde and threatened him repeatedly. When he left a note at Wilde’s club addressed to him as a ‘somdomite’ (sic), Oscar, influenced by Alfred, decided to _____________.

Eventually, in the year ________, ____________ was sentenced to two years ____________. His property was sold and his wife and children moved to ____________ under the name ____________, used to this day by their descendants.

Wilde was released in ______. Constance died in ______. The ruined Oscar Wilde travelled across Europe under the name ___________________________________ and died in ____________ on November 30, ______. He was buried in the ____________________________________.

II. Oscar Wilde’s writings.

Find the titles of:

III. Oscar Wilde’s times.

1. General context.

Queen Victoria reigned from ______ to ______.

In 1877 she became ________________________.

Give two definitions of the adjective Victorian:

What happened in Ireland around the year 1848?

2. Literary and artistic context.