The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 2

1. "As they entered they saw Dorian Gray" (page 22).

Who are "they"?

Where do they enter?

2. Right or wrong? Justify from the text.

a. Basil Hallward tries to get rid of Lord Henry.

b. Lord Henry accepts to leave Basil and Dorian alone.

3. "All influence is immoral - immoral from the scientific point of view" (page 24).

What does Lord Henry mean? Do NOT quote from the text in your answer.

4. In what passages does Lord Henry state his moral philosophy?

What are the three most important values according to him?

5. What is Lord Henry's influence on Basil's picture?

6. Why is Dorian upset by Lord Henry (pages 28-29)?

7. "As he thought of it, a sharp pang of pain struck through him like a knife" (page 33). What does "it" refer to?

8. What would Dorian "give [his] soul" for (page 34)?

9. What does Dorian prevent Basil from doing?

10. Why did Basil try to do that?

11. "As soon as you are dry, you shall be varnished, framed and sent home. Then you can do what you like with yourself." (page 36).

What do the words in bold letters refer to?

12. Why is there "a look of pain" on Basil's face at the end of the chapter (page 39)?