The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 5

Bismuth (page 72): a medecine, used to treat syphilis for example. It can be addictive. “The Park” (page 75): Hyde Park. Victoria, four-in-hand (p. 81): types of horse-drawn carriages. Oath (p. 84): serment / juron.

1. Who is “Mr Isaacs” (p. 72)?

2. Who is “Prince Charming” (p. 72)?

3. Who is “Wisdom” (p. 73)?

4. Who is “James” (p. 74)?

5. How does Sibyl’s mother react to Sybil’s engagement?

6. How does Sibyl’s brother react to her engagement?

7. What image is given of Sibyl’s mother?

8. Who is the “sullen, heavy youth” (p. 77)?

9. Who is the “graceful, refined-looking girl” (p. 77)?

10. Who does James want to see in Hyde Park?

11. What does he swear to do?

12. What are his two motivations?

13. Where does Jim leave for?

14. Why?

15. What do we learn about James and Sibyl’s father?