The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapters 6 and 7

Chapter 6

Sensible (p. 86) : intelligent, raisonnable.

1. Find examples of Lord Henry's paradoxes p. 86 and 94.

2. How do Basil and Lord Henry react to Dorianís engagement? Fill in the blanks with the following verbs in the appropriate forms: apall, deride, enjoy, trust.

Basil is _______________ that Dorian is engaged but he ______________ Dorianís feelings.

Lord Henry _______________ Dorianís feelings but he seems to _______________ the idea.

3. According to Lord Henry, what effect has the picture had on Dorian?

Quote a sentence from the text.

4. Do you think this is a good or a bad effect?

5. Show that Dorian idealizes Sibyl.

Chapter 7

6. How well does Sibyl play?

7. How does Basil react?

8. How does Lord Henry react?

9. How does Sibyl justify her performance to Dorian?

10. How does Dorian react?

11. What does Dorian discover when he comes back home?

12. How does he react?

13. What can the influence of this discovery on Dorian be: good or a bad?