The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 10

Petulantly: angrily

Michelangelo, Montaigne, Winckelmann, Shakespeare: rumoured to be homosexuals.

1. Who is “his lordship” (p. 137)?

2. “The love that he bore him” (p. 138): Who does “he” refer to? Who does “him” refer to?

3. Why does Dorian give his butler a note for Lord Henry (p. 139)?

4. Who is “the little grandson” (p. 141)? Who is “the last Lord Kelso”?

5. What seems “horrible” to Dorian (p. 141)? Answer in your own words.

6. Does Dorian hope to be saved (p. 142)? Why?

7. What psychological change does the picture effect on Dorian (p. 143-4)?

8. What does Dorian learn from the paper (two elements)?

9. Why is the book Lord Henry sends Dorian “poisonous” (p. 146)? Answer in your own words.

10. What does “that” refer to in “you have discovered that” (p. 146)?