The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 11

1. True or false? Justify by quoting.

  1. Dorian is the subject of much gossip.
    True: “Strange rumours about his mode of life crept through London.”

  2. As a result, many people have formed a low opinion of him.
    False: Nobody could “believe anything to his dishonour when they saw him.”
  3. The rumours about Dorian are justified by his enigmatic behaviour.
    True: He has “mysterious and prolonged absences.”

  4. Dorian has less and less of a social life.
    False: “Once or twice every month during the winter and on each Wednesday evening while the season lasted, he would throw open to the world his beautiful house...”

  5. Dorian has now totally absorbed Lord Henry’s view of the world.
    True: “To him Life itself was the first, the greatest of the arts...”

  6. Dorian sees himself as a leader of men and redeemer of the world.
    True: “He desired to be something more than a mere arbiter elegantiarum...”

  7. Dorian has converted to Catholicism.
    False: “He never fell into the error of arresting his intellectual development by any formal acceptance of creed or system.”

  8. The rumours about Dorian are belied by his friends’ faithfulness to him.
    False: “Some of those who had been most intimate with him appeared, after a time, to shun him.”
2. What use does Dorian make of his picture (p. 148)?

He spends time looking at it as an intellectually and aesthetically interesting experiment.

3. Name eight stages/examples of Dorian’s quest for new/bizarre sensations. (p. 153-67).

  1. Darwinism
  2. perfumes
  3. music
  4. jewellery
  5. embroidery
  6. liturgical vestments
  7. painting
  8. strange historical stories
4. What is the hidden reason for these fads? (p. 161)

Dorian needs to forget, to run away from himself.

The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 12

1. When does the action take place?

On the day before Dorian’s 38th birthday

2. Why did Basil want to meet Dorian?

He is going to Paris for six months and he has something to tell Dorian.

3. Why does Basil shake his head (p. 170)?

He disapproves of Dorian’s cynicism.

4. In your opinion, why did Dorian’s previous servant actually leave?

Maybe Dorian fired him because he knew or suspected something about him, or Dorian thought so.

5. What did Basil want to tell/ask Dorian?

He wanted to ask him if the rumours about him are founded.

6. What does Dorian decide to do?

To show Basil his picture.

The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 13

1. Note down an important sentence about Dorian and Basil's relationship (p. 178).

“You are the one man in the world who is entitled to know everything about me.”

2. How does Basil react? (p. 179)

He is horrified by what he sees, he even finds it difficult to believe.

3. How does Dorian react to Basil’s reaction? (p. 179-180)

Dorian reacts in a cynical way.

4. What solution does Basil suggest? (p. 181)

A moral conversion: that they should pray together for forgiveness and give up sin.

5. How does Dorian welcome the offer?

“It is too late.”

6. What does Dorian do to Basil?

He kills him.

7. Why?

Because he doesn’t want anybody to know his secret, or maybe because Basil painted the portrait.