The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 16

1. Where does Dorian go to?

2. Why does he go there?

3. Justify the following statements.

a. Dorian first considers Basil’s murder as inexpiable.

b. He then justifies it.

4. Why is Dorian now drawn to ugliness and corruption (in your own words)?

5. What do the words “None of the chaps will speak to me now?” (p. 215) imply?

6. To what extent is Dorian “hungry for rebellion” (p. 218)?

7. Who does Dorian meet (p. 220)?

8. How did this person find him?

9. What does this person want?

10. How does Dorian escape?

11. What is odious about Dorian’s behaviour once the danger is over?

12. What do the words “Prince Charming made me what I am” (p. 221) imply?