The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 19

Florizel: prince of Bohemia and son to Polixenes in Shakespeare's The Winterís Tale. Nearly as flawless as his love, Perdita, Florizel is one of few examples of male constancy and decency in the play.

1. What has Dorian decided (again)?

2. What does ďI spared somebodyĒ (p. 240, my italics) imply?

3. Who is Hetty and what happened between her and Dorian?

4. Why did Dorian choose Hetty?

5. Who is Ophelia (p. 241)?

6. What makes the reader suspicious of the depth of Dorianís resolution (p. 242)?

7. What piece of information carried by Lord Henry (p. 242) shows Dorian is safe from being suspected of Basilís murder?

8. What happened to Alan Campbell? In your opinion, why?

9.What quotations show that Lord Henry is an Epicurean (p. 243 & 248)?

10. What sentence sums up Lord Henryís philosophy (p. 244)?

11. What do you think of the quotation from Hamlet Dorian applies to his portrait (p. 245)?

12. What sentence sums up Dorianís story (p. 246)?

The Picture of Dorian Gray: chapter 20

13. What symbolical action does Dorian perform (p. 252)?

14. What does Dorian hope (p. 253)?

15. Do you share this hope?

16. What would Dorian have to do in order to change the situation (p. 254)?

17. What happens at the end (p. 255-6)?